3D Metal Wall Art Sculpture

Give your contemporary home or office setting a facelift with the 3D metal wall art sculpture. It is a perfect wall-hanging modern decor designed to bring elegance and sophistication to a room, hallway, study, or everywhere. The metal wall art usually has playful angles and edges that transform your space into an instant hit!

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Showing all 2 results

3D Metal Wall Art Sculpture

There’s hardly anything like a metal 3D wall art sculpture for homeowners who want to arouse feelings of ease and leisure. This elegant style of wall décor allows you to revitalize a boring wall or bring instant visual appeal to a living space.

This art sculpture is typically prepared from metal with built-in dangling clips for effortless display. They appear stylish in 3D wall art and include metal-shaped elements painted in different color shades with striking finishes.

Benefits of 3D metal wall art sculpture

  • The beautifully crafted wall art sculpture creates a refreshing home with an eye-catching appeal
  • It creates a balanced space in the most creative way
  • They give your home a striking look and make your wall a fine decoration worth your place.
  • They can create special 3D effects other than ordinary wall sculptures.
  • They suit different background walls and can work harmoniously with any decor style.

Features of 3D metal wall art sculpture

  • Design Material: This wall sculpture is made of premium quality metal, iron with a rust-resistant coating, metal tube, or sheet metal. The durable, weather-resistant, and waterproof are not easy to fade or rust. The firm frame is not easy to be damaged.
  • Size: Being made of metal, the sculpture has a thickness that is not easy to bend or deform.
  • 3D Design: The design of this metal 3D wall art sculpture is usually very realistic. They are usually built with exquisite artistry.
  • Versatility – the metallic finish style complements a medley of color schemes and themes from laid back to contemporary.
  • Install: They are thick, solid iron and come with screws, spacers, and all appropriate supplies for easy hanging. Some items have keyhole slots at the back for easy, secure hang.
  • Minimalist and conceptual design: This 3D metal wall art is an electrostatic powder coating metal wall decor, and rust-resistant. It is captivating once placed, and will seize your attention once you join the space.

Representation of 3D metal wall art sculpture

This beautiful, aesthetic art is one you can proudly display in your home. They are the ideal extra pieces for your walls in the living room, bedroom, fireplace, bathroom, office, lobby, and anywhere you can imagine. They also create an excellent gift for your loving family or friend!