3D Wall Art Sculptures

Going along with 3D wall art sculptures means you want to mirror your love for an unconventional lifestyle in your home. Whether you tend towards traditional or rustic, it’s about building a vintage space in the most delicate, airiest way possible. Explore these various art sculptures and create your room aesthetic in just a few clicks!

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Showing all 5 results

3D Wall Art Sculptures

3D wall art sculptures will enhance your home with a perfect mix of form and function. They are used in contemporary ways, both ornamentally and ironically, to create a collection of stunning yet amusing home furnishings.

These wall art sculptures have evolved to embrace all who can express the sophisticated style and love for anything light and casual. Its modern minimalist style and flexible placement are suitable for any indoor decoration.

While this wall art can be natural, it can also be about celebrating shapes and lines found in nature. Your home should feel like a part of the natural world, so it’s meaningful to explore architecture and design, such as wall art sculptures, whether or not inspired by organic elements.

Features of 3D wall art sculptures

No modern-styled home, office, or restaurant should be without an art sculpture decor on the wall. This type of artwork usually comes ready to be mounted on almost any wall you choose. They make grand statements in a living room, bedroom or entryway.
There are generic structures in which these 3D wall art sculptures are built or positioned. They are:

  • Format: Horizontal, diagonal, or vertical
  • Hanging Information: Could be hung with a screw directly into the wall or separately
  • Additional Materials: Cast iron, metal, or more
  • Shape: Could be customized
  • Presence of hanging hardware or not

Finishes of 3D wall art sculptures

The features of the wall art sculptures come in various kinds of finishes already applied by experts. These finishes have traditionally been used to make ordinary objects extraordinary. Some examples are

  • Silver finishes,
  • Stainless steel finish,
  • Wood finish, etc

Representation of 3D wall art Sculptures

Often, these wall art sculptures represent the compensations of working hard to attain that next level, whether in life, work, or passion. The pieces go beyond the confines of design and seek to uplift the viewer. They act as visual reminders of the challenges life presents, and the steps that it takes to overcome them.